Number Paint Set Socks


Paint your own sock: Small and large designers can colour in their very own children's socks using a number design. The design of the high-quality 360° print socks is perfect for colouring and an ideal gift for starting school or just because. Simply iron on the painted design and it is even machine washable. The textile pencils are suitable for children aged 3 years and up and are free from harmful substances. Together with the FALKE children's socks made of skin-flattering and easy-care cotton, children can let their creativity run wild.

  • The set consists of 4 textile pens and 1 pair of FALKE children's socks.
  • Pre-printed 360° print on children's socks in a number design for colouring.
  • High-quality textile pens: suitable for children aged 3 years and up, free from harmful substances and machine washable after iron-on.
  • Perfect as a gift for starting school
  • FALKE Perfect Fit