For more than 125 years, the FALKE family business, which has in the meantime become globally active, has been synonymous with modern leg-wear that is made from high-quality materials and produced with artisanal perfection and attention to detail. A deep understanding of yarn and production methods, which has been handed down from generation to generation and constantly developed over the years, is what characterises every FALKE product. Customers who choose FALKE products can rely on the quality promise of our brand, as well as knowing that they are selecting a manufacturer that has always followed a socially and environmentally-responsible approach. Now, all the measures that have been implemented in recent years and decades to improve the sustainability of our company and brand are brought together under one roof: FALKE – WE CARE .


WE CARE – for environmental protection

For us, environment protection means meeting nature with the biggest respect along the whole product creation process and supply chain.The entire production process, from the manufacture of raw materials to the sale of the finished product, is influenced by our aim of minimising energy consumption, waste, and rejects. The high quality of FALKE products ensures a long life-span. Packaging, which - nowadays - is often made using plastic, is gradually being replaced by alternatives made using organic materials.
WE CARE – for animal welfare

The wool processed by FALKE is subject to strict quality criteria, also in terms of animal welfare. For example, all of our sheep's wool suppliers must demonstrate that the practice of mulesing, a painful treatment used to prevent sheep from becoming infested with certain fly maggots, is not used. The angora wool we use is certified with the CaregoraTM hallmark, which guarantees compliance with strict guidelines to protect animal welfare.
WE CARE – for social responsibility

Unlike many other fashion companies, FALKE has not outsourced production but continues to operate its own production facilities in Germany and Europe, where around 90% of our leg-wear garments are manufactured. These production locations are regularly visited and audited by our own specially-trained employees as well as external and independent institutes. Particular attention is given to working conditions, the payment of fair wages, and compliance with safety regulations.
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