Sensitive Socks for Diabetics - for Men & Women

Diabetic socks & fine hosiery for men and women

Diabetic socks from our Sensitive line – our socks, fine hosiery and knee-high socks are sure to impress with the highest level of quality. Our classic styles are the Sensitive London – made from skin-friendly, easy-care cotton – and the Sensitive Berlin, with temperature-regulating merino wool on the outside and fine cotton on the inside. For women, the premium, silky smooth, fine hosiery will also impress with its pressure-free cuffs.These cuffs are made without elastic, offering pleasant comfort for the whole day.

Socks suitable for individuals with diabetes

These high-quality socks and hosiery by FALKE for men and women impress with their high-quality, pressure-free design and are perfectly suitable for the sensitive feet of those with diabetes. The way these diabetic socks are made ensures a comfortable fit without pressure points at the cuffs. 

Sensitive Feet

Especially if you have sensitive feet, you should pay special attention to your hosiery. Cuffs should be made without elastic so you can prevent any unwanted effects such as digging in. Circulation problems and pressure points are significantly reduced with our socks: our Sensitive line in particular focuses on this effect.

Durability & quality

Our socks are not only perfect for the special requirements of people with diabetes, but they also impress with the highest quality and durability, as well as the use of natural materials that provide maximum comfort and keep feet dry.