Women Cape Stand-up collar


This cape is the perfect companion when maximum flexibility is needed. In addition to the fashionable, comfortable fit, the cape also features a practical reversible function. Thanks to the wide open fit and a two-way zip, it can be easily thrown over or worn over the shoulders like a stole. Latches have been attached to the sides below the arms to fix the cape. One side of the cape is made of felted, warming merino wool, the other side is made of a powerful, water-repellent nylon fabric. Depending on the outfit or weather conditions, one side or the other can be worn on the outside. The functional padding provides extra warmth and the high, coarsely ribbed collar protects against wind chilling the neck. There are pockets on both sides of the cape.

  • Felted, extra-fine merino wool in combination with nylon
  • Fashionable oversized cape with a two-way zip and side latches
  • 2-in-1 reversible function: warming knit made of virgin wool and water-repellent nylon fabric
  • Powerful padding for particularly good thermal insulation
  • Practical pockets on both sides
  • Distinctive logo strap as a hanger on the collar