No. 4 Pure Silk Gentlemen Knee-high Socks

Chinese mulberry silk

Silk gives us a feeling of luxury against our skin. The most elegant of all natural fibres leaves all others in the shade when the reflection of light irradiates its beauty. The smooth texture and unparalleled lustre of the fibres have lent their special, graceful elegance to items of clothing for hundreds of years. After harvesting, the shimmery fibres of the Chinese mulberry silk are processed into a true luxury yarn in Switzerland. Silky is more than a fabric against the skin – FALKE Finest Silk is a feast for the senses.

  • Fine Chinese mulberry silk
  • Pure, elegant silk for a luxurious feel
  • Unique shine thanks to shimmery light reflexes
  • Hand linked and shaped
  • Optimal durability thanks to reinforced stress zones
  • FALKE Perfect Fit