Achilles Men Socks Health

helps with Achilles tendon problems

"Achilles" is a medical product and works just like an Achilles tendon bandage, but can be worn comfortably in all flat sports shoes. The stocking, featuring integrated silicone dimples above the edge of the shoe, massages the tissue to the side of the Achilles tendon and promotes better circulation during sport. This helps to alleviate pain in the Achilles tendon, such as achillodynia, tendinopathy and paratendionpathy, as well as in later stages of rehabilation after tears or inflammation of the Achilles tendon. Pain is alleviated and the tendon gradually becomes healthier, more elastic, and more efficient. The sports compression bandage integrated into the sock fabric stabilises the ankle. "Achilles" complements the treatment you are receiving from your doctor or physiotherapist perfectly, and can be used together with eccentric training. The sock can be worn for running, soccer, tennis or any other type of sport, for work and leisure activities. Breathability and a perfect fit round this medical product off perfectly.

  • Optimal fit thanks to right and left cushioning, as well as toe box
  • Helps with Achilles tendon complaints: silicone dimples massage the tissue to the side of the Achilles tendon and promote circulation.
  • Functions like a medical sports bandage and is suitable for all flat sports shoes
  • Stabilises the ankle like a compression sock or ankle joint bandage
  • Developed with sports doctors and physiotherapists - tested on 100 athletes
  • Fast moisture transport and redrying thanks to triple-layered material structure