Base Layers and Functional Underwear for Men

The FALKE functional underwear for men is optimally tailored to your needs and offers maximum comfort during exercise. The blend of innovative materials ensures perfect moisture and temperature regulation. Maximum freedom of movement is guaranteed thanks to specially incorporated functional zones. The short and long-sleeved shirts, boxers, briefs and trousers protect against overheating and cooling of the body in summer, as well as winter and have an odour neutralising effect. Flat seams or seamless processing prevent pressure or chafing. They will meet your diverse requirements for all indoor and outdoor activities such as in the gym, while running, hiking or skiing. The lines are perfectly aligned to different outside temperatures and activity levels. Maximum warmth - for very cold outside temperatures, Warm - for mild to cold outside temperatures, Cool - for warm to hot temperatures, Wool Tech Light - Combination of the finest merino wool and functional materials for warm and cold outdoor temperatures,  Wool-Tech - natural fibres for cold to very cold outside temperatures, Silk-Wool - natural fibres for warm to cold outside temperatures.