TK2 Wool Silk Christmas Women Trekking Giftbox

The perfect Christmas present for loved ones, and a great surprise especially in winter, with attractive Christmas-themed packaging. Thanks to their medium-strength cushioning and material mix with wool and silk, our TK2 Wool-Silk socks guarantee superior comfort and a luxurious, soft feel when hiking in light terrain, especially in cold weather conditions. The rapid moisture wicking of these socks plus their optimised shape guarantees perfect temperature regulation and superior comfort. Still looking for a little something to put under the Christmas tree? You won’t go wrong with this gift!

  • The perfect Christmas present with attractive Christmas-themed packaging
  • Superior comfort for hiking in light terrain, and perfectly suited to cold weather conditions
  • Luxuriously soft and comfortable thanks to silk and merino wool material mix
  • Medium cushioning for appropriate protection and good shoe/boot contact
  • Perfect temperature regulation and moisture wicking thanks to triple-layer design
  • Optimal fit thanks to patented left and right cushioning and anatomical toe boxes