Precious Bug Gentlemen Knee-high Socks

with scarab embroidery

These luxurious knee-high socks are a real highlight for formal outfits. They radiate unparalleled colour intensity with a fashionable sheen that is emphasised by a brilliant Fil d’Ecosse. The iridescent embroidery with metallic effects in the form of a scarab gives the wearer an interesting look, makes these socks a unique piece for any wardrobe. The perfect FALKE fit nicely rounds off the ensemble of design and comfort and offers the fashion-conscious gentleman an unforgettable look.

  • Luxurious knee-high socks with a silky sheen and unparalleled colour intensity through the elegant, brilliant Fil d’Ecosse
  • Exclusive embroidery design on a plain-coloured background
  • Embroidered motif of an iridescent scarab with special, shiny metallic effects
  • Reinforced stress areas for optimal durability
  • Perfect FALKE fit