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Cool Kick Socks

Casual, cooling ankle socks & no-show socks

The FALKE Cool Kick line includes sporty no-show socks and ankle socks for women, men and children. These are made from cooling functional yarn with an ultra-light plush sole. Combined with their high moisture-wicking properties, this leads to an optimum foot climate even in warm temperatures. The anatomical fit with designated left and right socks guarantees maximum comfort. The use of anatomical socks can reduce foot problems such as blisters, friction and pain. The Cool Kick no-show socks disappear out of sight in closed shoes such as trainers or low shoes, while their high-closed shape completely encloses the instep. 

FS24 FALKE Sneaker Cool Kick Men

Invisible socks or a discreet highlight

Thanks to its high cut, this invisible design is particularly comfortable to wear with sneakers and remains hidden inside the shoe. With the sneaker version, the single-tone, colourful edge peeks out. The FALKE Cool Kick sneaker socks are available in classic colours such as white, grey or black - or as a colourful highlight in bright red, neon, green or blue. Discover the variety of colours of our top seller!

Perfect temperature inside the shoe

On particularly hot days, Cool Kick ensures that the temperature inside the shoe stays pleasant. A cooling functional yarn is knitted in a mesh structure that enables especially fast moisture wicking. The integrated plush sole, which has a towelling effect, also keeps the foot at a pleasant temperature. Our extra-soft sneaker socks protect your feet optimally against pressure points and keep your feet dry and comfortable in your shoes. 

Socks do not slip

The integrated silicone in the heel of the no-show version prevents the socks from slipping while the lightweight plush sole ensures that they are extremely comfortable to wear. The FALKE Cool Kick sneaker socks or no-show socks remain firmly in place inside the shoe and the heel area does not move around, despite the absence of a tight elastic band. Pressure-free comfort combined with a perfect fit. In the sneaker version, the Cool Kick protrudes slightly from the heel of the shoe and can be worn as a harmonious addition to an outfit or as a fashionable accent, depending on the colour. 

Personalise FALKE Cool Kick Unisex Sneaker

Cool Kick Personalisation

One highlight of this range is the wide selection of options for personalising the socks with your own initials or one of our embroidery motifs. Make a fashion statement with a unique message. The Cool Kick sneaker socks are embroidered on both sides of the heel, emphasising your very own individuality and style. At FALKE, all socks are lovingly embroidered by hand - making each Cool Kick unique.