Sports Knee Highs with Compression for Women & Men

Optimise your athletic performance with our sports compression socks! The compression offered by knee-high sports socks improves blood circulation and increases the supply of oxygen to the muscles during workouts. This can lead to improved muscular performance by supporting the muscles and reducing fatigue.
By reducing muscle vibrations, muscle fatigue is delayed until later in your workout and muscle stability is improved. This is particularly important for sports that require repetitive movements or that involve impact, such as running, basketball or football.

Knee-high compression sports socks can also reduce the amount of recovery time required after training by promoting blood circulation and supporting the removal of lactic acid and other waste products from the muscles. A nice side effect is the reduction of muscle fatigue and an acceleration of regeneration. 
The compression offered by knee-high sports socks helps to improve joint stability and prevent injuries, especially in sports that require quick changes of direction or jumping, such as volleyball or tennis.

Our FALKE knee-high compression sports socks are made from breathable materials that regulate the temperature of the legs and wick away perspiration. This ensures optimal comfort during training.