Cellulite Control 20 DEN Women Tights

triple action against cellulite

FALKE "Triple Action System" – triple protection against cellulite: Micro massage: Micro massage of cellulite-prone areas with the new FALKE 3D knitted fabric, lymph massage: Micro-massage of lymph nodes in the groin, support: Stimulates circulation, improves oxygen supply, increased vigour and lightness, An independent, medical study confirms: Cellulite control effect: Tauter connective tissue and improved skin elasticity, Slimming effect: Reduction of body weight and thigh circumference, Shaping effect: Perfectly formed silhouette and slender legs

  • Micro massage for cellulite zones
  • Micro massage for lymph nodes
  • Stimulates circulation for increased vigour and lightness
  • Shaping effect: perfectly shaped silhouette