FALKE Running

Whatever the time of day, FALKE has the gear to accompany you on your next run. This season is packed with exciting new products for every time of day and every condition. Reach your goals, take on new challenges and stay in top form day and night, in good and bad weather, in warm and cold.

Move Better, Feel Better, Perform Better

Find your perfect pair of running socks

The ergonomic fit distributes the pressure on your feet evenly and thus reduces the formation of blisters. In addition, FALKE running socks are made from a quick-drying 3-layer construction. This construction allows for quick moisture absorption and wicking to keep your feet dry and comfortable. So you can stay dry even during strenuous activities like sports or hiking.


Socks for road runners

For running on asphalt, you should focus on dynamics and comfort. Therefore, especially thin socks are good for road running, as they provide more sensitivity and proximity to the ground.

Socks for trail running

For trail running on uneven, sometimes wet paths with uncertain footing, a compromise between protection and breathability is preferable. With optimal support for the foot in the ankle area to avoid the risk of sprains, and reinforcements under the midfoot and heels to accompany the specific step during ascent and descent.




Socks to support runners

Increase your stability and reduce the risk of injury at the same time. In addition to our FALKE Stabilizing products, you will find a large selection of compression socks, as well as our medically certified Achilles tendon sock.

What type of runner are you?

Are you still unsure which running sock is best for you? Then try out our running sock finder.



Upgrade your Running Game

Developed in collaboration with sports scientists, FALKE Sport is specifically designed to meet the anatomical needs of athletes to ensure unrestricted freedom of movement, optimal climate conditions and ultimate support so you can experience comfort while performing at your best. At FALKE Sport, we believe that running is both pleasure and performance. That's why we've developed a range of products that are not only functional, but also stylish. Whether you prefer bold or subtle shades, our collection is sure to have something that suits your style and personality.


Performance Core Collection

Perform in style!
Styles that boost your confidence and performance. Move unrestricted, stay cool and give your best.

Seasonal Collection

Functional fashion!
Discover our favourites of the season in functional fabrics and trendy new colours.




Functional underwear

Our quick-drying and thermoregulating functional underwear keeps you dry and warm during your runs.

Sports Bras

The right sports bra is essential to make sport a stress-free experience.



Boston - New York Women's expedition

Six women undertook the biggest challenge of their lives, running from Boston to New York 550 kilometres, 340 Miles, in 11 days - an ultra a day. FALKE Sport supported these six women from across the world to come together to do the incredible and experience the adventure of a lifetime​.
To get from Boston to New York City, the women dug deep and pushed their bodies to the limit. Check out some of their top picks below and learn more about the products that kept them energized, in control and helped reduce the risk of injury on the road and trail.