Energize 50 DEN Women Knee-high Socks

with compression & shaping effect

Ideal for overcoming extreme stress sustainably and in style. The vitalising effect of the anatomically adapted pressure distribution with its higher performance even reaches deeper arteries and veins. This gives your legs more energy and leaves them feeling light and buoyant. At the same time, your legs are not at risk of losing their shape prematurely from within, and remain beautiful longer. Excellent comfort and unrestricted freedom of movement. Fine transparent mesh structure for a naturally beautiful appearance. 50 den appearance.

  • 16-20 mmHg (measured with MST device from SWISSLASTIC AG) on the ankle
  • Actively stimulates and supports the blood circulation through defined compression
  • Prevents swollen, heavy legs – you feel fit and strong all day long
  • Ideal for long travelling and long-haul flights, as well as extreme strain when sitting, standing and walking
  • Excellent comfort and unrestricted mobility
  • Even mesh structure thanks to 3D knitting technology