BC Impulse Dots Biking Socks

with medium-thickness padding

The innovative mesh knit stimulates the receptors on the ball of the foot. The stimulation and permanent massage minimise numbness in the cycling shoe. In addition, the open structure ensures fast transport of heat and sweat and keeps your feet cool and dry. In addition, the ultra-light padding combined with the stimulation of the receptors in the ball of the foot and the toes offers improved balance and dynamics, as well as immediate power transmission in all cycling shoes. The optimum fit completes the functionality of these sports socks perfectly. The design of the “BC Impulse Dot” with coloured dots in the shaft is reminiscent of the mountain jerseys of great tours and is perfect for sporty road cyclists.

  • Stimulation of receptors through innovative mesh-knitted fabric
  • Permanent massage reduces numbness of feet
  • Ultra-light padding for immediate transfer of power
  • Thanks to the open mesh knit on the sole, sweat and heat are dissipated in an optimum manner
  • Optimum fit due to right and left toe box
  • Sporty look thanks to contrasting dots in the upper area - perfectly matched to the mountain jersey