No. 10 Pure Fil d´Écosse Gentlemen Socks

with pure Egyptian cotton

Only karnak cotton from the Egyptian Nile delta is used to make FALKE Pure Fil d'Ecosse. processed with an extra twist for enhanced strength and durability. This premium cotton first drinks up the sun above the lush Nile Delta before it is harvested. Once the short fibers and seeds are combed out of the yield, the texture is pure softness. The remaining extra-long staple fibers are spun in Italy, creating an extremely durable result. Bathing the ultrafine cotton, to give it its mercerized finish, further enhances its strength and graces it with a silky texture, making it suited for any official occasion. It is available in ribbed knit quality and in a wide range of colors.

  • Pure Egyptian karnak cotton
  • Elegant and brilliant fil d'Ecosse
  • Silky shine and a unique colour intensity
  • Elegant look thanks to the ribbed texture
  • Hand linked and shaped
  • Optimum durability thanks to the reinforced stress zones