The finest raw materials sourced from around the world by specialists who share our passion for impeccable quality.


Spinning them into unique yarns especially for FALKE brings out the unique quality of each raw material.


Finished in our traditional kitting mills in Schmallenberg by our most experienced specialists.


The results is 120 years of tradition and experience preserved in a unique product line.

Our finest yarns

We produce socks and hosiery in yarns of unparalleled quality as the ideal accessories for made-to-measure clothing and hand-made shoes. For the Falke Luxury Line, we have gathered an impressive selection of world class materials: the finest Chinese cashmere, Australian merino wool, velvety soft camel hair, Egyptian karnak and piuma cottons and pure mulberry silk from China, not forgetting sumptuous vicuña wool from the remote Andes. Our yarns are processed in their pure form, or as a premium blend with lustrous silk. The FALKE Luxury Line is produced exclusively in our family-owned traditional knitting mills in Schmallenberg. To make the precious material more durable, the areas that undergo particular stress, such as the heel and toe are knitted with invisible reinforcement for long-lasting, unalloyed wearing pleasure. Each individual sock is woven stitch by stitch by experienced hands, before being shaped. The result is legwear and socks in the perfect fit and unique quality.


Finest vicuña

The ""fibre of the gods"" is obtained from the Peruvian vicuña. Its fine, dense wool was valued as the rarest and most expensive in the world and was reserved for the highest nobility and the church, even in the time of the Incas.

After the traditional shearing, the soft and incredibly fine wool hairs of the fleece are carefully freed from the coarser guard hairs and submitted to an elaborate hand-washing and drying process. The final step is to spin the velvety, wafer-thin yarns, which still retain their regal grace and elegance to this day.


Finest cashmere

The Mongolian cashmere goat makes its home in the high peaks of the Himalayas. Despite the predominantly raw and icy climate, its fluffy, fine undercoat provides it with a natural warmth.

Each cashmere goat yields a mere 150 to 200 grams of precious down per year, which is combed from the goat's fur by hand. The delicate hairs are then spun into wonderfully soft cashmere yarn in Italy. The special quality of the yarn stands out thanks to its exceptional natural thermal insulation, its low weight and ability to lend colours a unique brilliance. Furthermore, the exceptionally soft and silky texture of cashmere exceeds that of almost every other natural fibre.


Finest camel & silk

The camel is known for its miraculous patience, robust resilience and limitless endurance. No less legendary than its disposition, however, are the special properties and characteristics of its fur.

The first fluffy down is shorn when the camel is eighteen months old. It is then painstakingly removed from the coarser hair and washed. Following this, our specialists in Italy process, spin and finish the fibres by blending them with pure mulberry silk, which is viewed as the highest-quality, most valuable natural silk. The refined yarn is particularly long-lasting, climate-resistant and recognisable by its characteristic, slightly red-tinted colour. Due to its special appearance, Falke Finest Camel & Silk is perfect for combining with casual winter fashions.


Finest Silk

Silk gives us a feeling of luxury against our skin. The most elegant of all natural fibres leaves all others in the shade when the reflection of light irradiates its beauty. The smooth texture and unparalleled lustre of the fibres have lent their special, graceful elegance to items of clothing for hundreds of years. After harvesting, the shimmery fibres of the Chinese mulberry silk are processed into a true luxury yarn in Switzerland. Silk is more than a fabric against the skin – Falke Finest Silk is a feast for the senses.


Finest Merino & Silk

Soft Australian merino wool is combined with the elegance of pure mulberry silk to produce a unique blend. In doing so, the fine wool of the merino sheep is firmly twisted to achieve a smooth appearance and increased durability. The silk fibres enhance the temperature-regulating properties of the wool. They keep the wearer pleasantly cool in the summer heat, while lending their natural warming properties in winter. The soft, silky sheen of this extravagant fabric blend provides any outfit with subtle, stylish sophistication.


Finest Merino

Australian merino wool is particularly fine, making it a true gift of nature. The high quality of this unique lamb's wool with its fine, silky hairs produces a yarn of a particular silky smooth texture and quality. Its ultra-fine fibres, which provide a warming as well as cooling effect, are breathable and possess natural anti-bacterial properties, make merino wool the perfect companion all year round. Thanks to its strong yet lightweight texture, classic ribbed knit styles in Falke Finest Merino are favourite accessories for everyday wear.


Pure Fil d'Ecosse

Only pure karnak cotton from the Egyptian Nile delta is used to make Falke Pure Fil d'Ecosse. Once it has blossomed under the Mediterranean sun, the fibres and seeds are painstakingly combed from the cotton wool to create a product of the utmost purity and softness. Italian spinning mills use the extra long fibres to produce a yarn of particular strength and durability. The additional mercerising finishing process gives the Fil d'Ecosse its silky shine and unique colour intensity. Falke Pure Fil d'Ecosse is available in a wide range of colours as well as both smooth and ribbed knit finishes.


Finest Piuma Cotton

The lightest of all cotton fibres is cultivated under the Egyptian sun of Giza in the evergreen Nile delta. Piuma cotton is know for its exceptional lightness as well as its astounding luminosity, which is why it is known in Egypt as ""white gold"".

Processed in Italy, the silky, long cotton fibres are spun into a yarn of impressive strength. Thanks to its uniquely soft texture and brilliant colour, Falke Finest Piuma Cotton can be paired with casual wear as well as formal outfits for a fashionable finish.