The sock for every runner!

- Blister free ergonomic fit (true left/right) - Quick dry 3-layer construction -
- Performance cushioning - Stress zone protection -

Move better, feel better, perform better

Your perfect pair!

Running socks for the road, the trails or to support you during your run.

A running sock for the road runner that runs to feel-good, to the most competitive runner who runs to race. 

For the trail runner to run better on uneven terrain with increased stability and grip.

To support runners, to prevent running injuries and recover faster. 

"For the long run"

We always strive for the best quality and most durable materials.

For our socks we use an ultra-light and breathable polypropylene-mix that lasts 5 to 10 times longer than natural or synthetic alternatives.

FALKE Sport is developed in collaboration with sports scientists and is specifically created to the anatomical needs of sports for unrestricted movement, optimal climatic conditions, and ultimate support to experience comfort while performing at your best.