Natural Glow

NATURAL GLOW are the first tights that don't distort your natural skin tone, but rather emphasise it. ONE perfect variation for ALL skin colours. Made from thread which gives your legs a tender shimmer.

NATURAL GLOW - a patented innovation from FALKE*

*Patent application: 10 2019 117 666.2 GER

The FALKE Natural Glow story

From idea to tights


At FALKE we are always seeking direct interaction with our customers. In these conversations there was one wish which kept coming up: a pair of tights which wasn't too warm in the winter and which emphasise your legs without distorting their natural appearance.

That is why it was our aim to develop airy and light tights which emphasised the individual skin tone of the lady wearing them.

ONE set of tights for ALL skin colours – is that even possible?

Our answer is called FALKE Natural Glow.

An almost transparent thread ensures a thoroughly natural look for any skin tone and gives your legs a light shimmer. The perfect companion for light summer days. 

Innovative processes for environmentally friendly production
Water-conserving production
Free from silicons and tenside agents
Advantages and distinctives

Adapts to your natural skin tone and gives your legs an attractive shimmer.

A luxurious, particularly even mesh structure, thanks to 3D stitching techniques, and a perfect FALKE cut for optimum fit and comfort.

High-quality processed panty section with light, almost invisible reinforced area.

Toes with almost invisible soft stitching.