The FALKE Family product range appeared on the German market for the first time in 1991. It was the début of the first product personality for the whole family featuring an innovative twist: the size was knitted into the sole.

Today, the FALKE Family series comprises 14 different products in over 25 basic colours.

FALKE Family

Our bestseller with sustainable cotton

To mark the 30th anniversary of our best-selling series, we are now launching a range of FALKE Family products made from sustainable materials. The materials, such as the FALKE - WE CARE - COTTON, need to meet our specified criteria and be resource-friendly, socially responsible and traceable.

Using drip irrigation and precisely dosed fertiliser, the cotton plants are given everything they need in a way that conserves resources. Transport distances are short and renewable energy sources are used to ensure that the cotton fibres processed into the FALKE - WE CARE cotton yarn is done in accordance with our sustainability standards.
We are committed to manufacturing our products in a way that is not only environmentally friendly, but also socially responsible. To ensure that the FALKE - WE CARE-COTTON is grown and processed in a fair and safe way, we support small farmers and set strict standards for the spinning mills. 
To verify that our specifications are being met, the entire chain from seed to finished yarn is recorded and can be traced.