Step 1
Take hold of the tights and pull them over your hand.

Step 2
Using both hands, pull the leg section up over your heel to just under your knee. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for your other leg.

Step 3
Pull both legs up a little bit at a time, keeping the tights smooth, until they are at the crotch.

Step 4
Roll the crotch and stomach sections up over your stomach and adjust them accordingly to make them comfortable to wear. Should you feel constricted or unwell, take the tights off.

Highly flexible waistband, designed to fit through all stages of pregnancy

Belly and back stabilizer
Built-in support for your belly and stabilisation of your lower back

Cosy waistband
Super soft high-tech yarn in the waistband for highest comfort without constriction
Support function
Built-in support for beautiful legs
Knitting technique
Even mesh structure for a beautiful finish