FALKE Daily Comfort Underwear

Luxury Cotton Stretch

It is the conscious decision to always look for the best possible solution, considering the little things as well as the big. The choice of material, the pattern making, the decision for a certain type of seam - with every single step, we had but a single goal: to create underwear that pampers you on a daily basis.

Unconditional quality has always been a core value of the FALKE brand, so it goes without saying that only the best is considered when choosing materials. Hand-picked Egyptian cotton is characterised by particularly long fibres. Carefully spun, these fibres produce a particularly soft and durable cotton yarn. And ultimately, underwear that flatters your skin and that you can enjoy for a long time.

Good underwear feels like a second skin: soft, light, almost imperceptible. How does this work? By means of a perfect fit. Our underwear is cut close to the body, without being too tight. The soft cuffs and hems gently hug the body. Deep necklines allow the underwear to disappear invisibly underneath blouses and shirts that are worn slightly open.

Pure indulgence - nothing gets in your way. Flat, soft seams and the choice of the best cotton turn FALKE Daily Comfort underwear into a little bit of luxury for every day.