FALKE Daily Climate Control Underwear

Active Temperature Regulation

Whether temperatures are high or low, in stressful situations or times of relaxation - our FALKE Daily Climate Control underwear guarantees a comfortable body climate at all times. This is delivered by the innovative Outlast technology fibres, which proactively regulate your body temperature. The result? Pure comfort!
Outlast Technology

When it overheats, the body sweats to cool down. If the sweat cannot dry quickly enough, unsightly stains form on the clothing, which can also cause a damp and cold feeling on the skin.

This is where Outlast Technology comes in. Outlast is a phase-changing material originally developed for NASA. Thermomolecules proactively regulate the body climate: if the skin overheats, Outlast immediately absorbs and stores excess heat. When the skin cools down, heat is returned to the body.

This continuous process of heat equalisation prevents the body from overheating. Sweating can be reduced by up to 30%.

The body-hugging fit and flat seams prevent the shirt from showing under your clothes. To ensure that it remains invisible even under blouses and shirts that are worn slightly open, the shirt features a particular deep cut. An extended back ensures that it sits well all day and does not slip.

The mixture of Egyptian cotton and viscose Outlast feels pleasantly soft on the skin. Flat seams ensure that nothing scratches, stings, or pinches.

In the underarm area, a double-layered material ensures particularly good moisture absorption. This keeps the skin pleasantly dry and prevents the formation of sweat stains on clothing.

A combination of safety, invisible elegance and wellbeing for every day.