Founded in 1895, in this period FALKE is looking back on a varied and eventful company history lasting 125 years. It all began in a humble craft workshop. In 1990, FALKE entered its fourth generation as a family-run business, and has developed into an international premium enterprise.

This idea is based on solid set of values: Unconditional quality, superb craftsmanship and constant innovation alongside intricate specialisation, creative design, and last but not least, continuity and absolute reliability.

Our competence in high-quality legwear and fashion is recognised worldwide. It is the result of a long process, which has led from traditional craftsmanship through special manufacturing skills to industrial production. The idea has always remained the same: Offering series-made exclusiveness.
We support people of all ages and in every life stage, at every turn, with new ideas and contemporary products: in a professional setting, in sport and leisure, in their homes, when travelling, and last but not least, in the area of physical training.

This is what drives us. For 125 years and into the future:
With you every step.

Our core values are quality, craftsmanship, and innovation


The long history of FALKE is characterised by its constant striving for the utmost quality. This is not only about the manufacturing and product quality, however, but all the facets of the FALKE brand.

With our 125 years of experience, we now develop modern legwear, contemporary accessories and sporty outer garments, using only the finest available materials and the very latest production techniques. Nevertheless, each item of legwear is checked by experienced specialists at least ten times. They finish and perfect the products by hand, where machines meet their limits. Only in this we can we live up to our claim that each FALKE product must be the best of its kind.


Good craftsmanship is our guaranteed origin: We are passionate about producing the highest quality. That was how the story of the FALKE company began 125 years ago. And it has remained so until the present day. Times have changed however, and craft work developed into manufacturing. The high standards of quality was split up among various specialists. In addition, there was also the decisive challenge to maintain the high demands expected from hand-crafted products in the industrial era, and to improve these constantly. The objective: To mass produce perfection.

This requires expert craftsmanship from our specialists, as they have to test the limits of our machines constantly and transcend these limits on a case to case basis. The result of all this is the FALKE style: noticeable, cosmopolitan, modern, timeless, challenging and poignant.


If brands lose their inner dynamism, they can fall asleep. The global world has come closer together and fast. It is always on the lookout for something new. For FALKE, the art involves inventing something new and at the same time ensuring continuity of the brand and maintaining its identity and appeal from one generation to the next.

Throughout the generations, the evolution FALKE has been shaped by curiosity, eagerness to experiment, willingness to learn and the will to constructively overcome the inevitable internal and external resistance against innovation. Diverse product innovations from our company have asserted themselves in the marketplace: The early realisation that sport socks have to satisfy totally new demands and the idea that left and right socks and stockings are a great benefit led, in the 1990s, to the comprehensive ERGONOMIC SPORT SYSTEM. We have developed specialised products with added benefits for the most varied spheres of life.

Functional legwear is only successful if it is aesthetically appealing. This realisation has led to the development and successful marketing of many FALKE innovations.