FALKE Women's Legwear Autumn/Winter 2020

FALKE Need for Memories

125 years of perfect craftsmanship, passion for detail, high-quality materials, innovative ideas and experience: Having started as a roofing company in 1895, Falke soon developed to an international clothing and lifestyle company. Thanks to the ambition and the experience of all Falke generations, the family-owned business finally became the company it is today. The new collection is a stylishly interpreted homage to the FALKE history and a journey through exciting decades of the 20th century to commemorate Falke’s 125th anniversary.

FALKE Women’s Legwear Highlights:
The 1920s: The extravagance of the 1920s is reflected in the FALKE Plumetis Tights. The ingenious mesh structure with incorporated filigree dots can be perfectly combined with the little black dress.

The 1930s: The FALKE Sweet Love socks with a feminine flower pattern combine perfectly with light calf-length skirts and allow every woman to set stylish highlights.

The 1940s: The FALKE Chain Stitch series, including socks, knee-highs, leg warmers and tights, with coarse ribbed structures and delicate plait patterns, was inspired by the minimalistic 1940s.

The 1950s: A typical feature of this decade were the polka dots which also decorate the FALKE Dot Fur. The velvet look of the dots lends this design a modern touch.

The 1960s: The hippie movement was particularly characterised by floral patterns. As an homage to that era, FALKE has developed the FALKE Potpourri socks with an all-over flower print.

125 Years FALKE
The 1970s: By combining transparent and opaque stripes of the same colour family, the FALKE Minimal Lines knee-highs reflect the graphic and colourful style of the 1970s.

The 1980s: Thanks to its honeycomb look, the FALKE Raw Sheer is fully dedicated to the 1980s. Incorporated lurex yarn gives these overknees a particularly elegant look.

The 1990s: Inspired by the aerobics scene, the dazzling colours of the FALKE tights can be perfectly combined with the FALKE Aerobic Flash Pattern leg warmers to create a unique look.