FALKE Men's Legwear Autumn/Winter 2020

FALKE Need for Memories

125 years of perfect craftsmanship, passion for detail, high-quality materials, innovative ideas and experience: Having started as a roofing company in 1895, Falke soon developed to an international clothing and lifestyle company. Thanks to the ambition and the experience of all Falke generations, the family-owned business finally became the company it is today. The new collection is a stylishly interpreted homage to the FALKE history and a journey through exciting decades of the 20th century to commemorate Falke’s 125th anniversary.

FALKE Men’s Legwear Highlights:
The 1920s: The FALKE Boho Velvet knee-high from the FALKE Luxury Line, with its elegant paisley & flower print and its velvet look, captures the spirit of the “Golden Twenties”.

The 1930s: The design of the FALKE Athleisure series was inspired by the rather sporty era of the 1930s. The socks, the short socks and the sneaker socks impress with a sporty graphic design and special structural elements.

The 1940s: The idea for the FALKE Overturn socks in modern quarter length, combining two different colours in one pair thanks to the reversible colour design, stems from the minimalistic 1940s.

The 1960s: The design of the FALKE Bucolic Vision socks with detailed landscape print was inspired by the playful 1960s.

125 Years FALKE
The 1950s: The 1950s would be unimaginable without pinstripes, a pattern that is still popular today. The FALKE Iconized socks represent the style, re-introduced from 1954.

The 1970s: A graphic design that is typical for the 1970s is the highlight of the FALKE Modular Blocking Bootsock. The colour block design underlines the retro style of that decade.

The 1980s: The 1980s were characterised by bold colours and patterns. The new interpretation of the FALKE Longevity Bootsock, with contrasting colours and bulky yarn, is a reference to that era.

The 1990s: Jeans in combination with print shirts were an absolute must-have for men in the 1990s. The FALKE Mesmerized socks in denim look with a stylish printed diamond pattern is a modern version of this trend.