FALKE Code of Conduct
As an internationally active company, we, the FALKE Group, are convinced that responsible and ethical action is a basic prerequisite for entrepreneurial success. With this Code of Conduct, we set the framework for ourselves and our dealings with our suppliers. We expect our business partners to comply with these requirements in the future. Our business partners' own or supplementary rules of conduct may not contradict this Code of Conduct.

1. Principles

a. Legal requirements
We strictly comply with the relevant national laws of the countries in which we operate. We follow the principles of international regulations in the areas of human rights, labour standards and environmental protection. We also expect this from our business partners.

b. Ethical management
We are committed to the principles of the market economy and fair competition and do not accept any forms of corruption or bribery. We pay particular attention to antitrust and subsidy laws, accounting and consolidation regulations as well as tax, export, import and customs regulations. We expect our business partners to comply with the above-mentioned points as well and to ensure their corresponding compliance through appropriate measures.

c. Environmental protection
We use natural resources sparingly and aim to minimize the harmful effects of our activities on the environment. We expect our partners to check their operational activities for harmful environmental effects and to strive for continuous and long-term improvement of their environmental impact.

2. Working conditions

With the accession of the parent company FALKE KGaA to amfori BSCI we confirm the principle of fair working conditions. Accordingly, the working conditions of our suppliers must comply with the requirements of the amfori BSCI Code of Conduct.

b. Ban on child labour
We are strictly against child labour. Suppliers of our products may not employ anyone below the relevant minimum age permitted by law.

c. Ban on forced labour
We do not accept illegal working conditions, especially production based on forced and compulsory labour. We expect our suppliers to offer humane working conditions, to enter into all employment relationships on a voluntary basis and to document them in writing.

d. Freedom of association and right to collective bargaining
We allow all employees to exercise their participation rights within the framework of national legal systems. We expect the same from our partners.

e. Reasonable working hours
We adhere to the respectively applicable statutory working time limits. We expect our suppliers to ensure that working hours comply with national regulations. Overtime shall be remunerated appropriately with bonuses.

f. Decent wages
We pay decent wages. Our suppliers may not undercut statutory or collectively agreed wages. Wages should cover the basic needs of workers.

3. Industrial safety

a. Risk assessment
We provide the safest possible working environment. Our suppliers examine the working conditions for hazards and risks, taking into account national requirements, and take measures to reduce occupational accidents to a minimum. Any necessary personal protective equipment is provided to employees free of charge.

b. Medical assistance
We provide sufficient first aid. Our partners provide first aid materials to the extent necessary. Regular first aid training is provided. Our business partners ensure that appropriate occupational health and safety precautions and the associated facilities are in place.

c. Discrimination and vulnerable people
FALKE ensures that the conduct of its employees is free from discrimination against others on the basis of relevant characteristics protected under applicable law. We place young people, pregnant women and people with disabilities under special protection and expect the same from our suppliers.

d. Equipment and buildings
We provide safe machinery and safe workplaces and expect the same from our suppliers.

4. Chemicals and waste

a. Permits
We have the relevant required national permits for the handling of chemicals, waste water, exhaust air and waste that are necessary to carry out our business purposes and comply with them accordingly. We expect the same responsible approach from our suppliers.

b. Use of chemicals
Our aim is to reduce the negative environmental impact of dyes and textile auxiliaries. Our suppliers should only use chemicals for textile treatment that at least meet the requirements of the ZDHC-MRSL – in its most current form. Available for reference purposes under https://mrsl.roadmaptozero.com/MRSL1_1/index.php

c. Control of waste water
The FALKE Group complies with the applicable national regulations for waste water and checks waste water for pollutant levels according to ZDHC. All wet production sites of the suppliers have to comply with the relevant regulations and shall comply with the ZDHC waste water values. If no waste water report according to ZDHC is available, the FALKE Group may carry out a waste water test at its own expense.

5. Consumer protection

a. Management system
We take appropriate measures to ensure consumer protection. Our suppliers should have suitable processes and procedures in place to ensure that the quality and safety regarding hazardous substances of the delivered products is maintained.

b. REACh
We meet the legal minimum standards of the European REACh regulation. Our suppliers ensure that the delivered articles, substances and mixtures fully comply with the European chemical legislation according to the regulation EC 1907/2006 (REACh).

c. Limit values for pollutants
In the "FALKE Quality Guideline" we have laid down objectives for safety and health safety of our products that go beyond the legal requirements. The textile products supplied by our partners are based on the standards and limit values for harmful substances according to the regulations of our Quality Guideline and the latest version of Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX.

6. Animal welfare

a. Regulations
We observe the principles of animal and species protection. Our suppliers pay particular attention to compliance with these principles for their own fibres and animal products and those purchased from third parties.

b. Mulesing-Free
The aim is to use 100% mulesing free wool. From our partners we expect corresponding delivery qualities with valid proofs.

7. Audit and control

a. Access to production facilities
Our suppliers shall allow employees of the FALKE Group or commissioned third parties access to their production facilities to the extent required.

b. Subcontractor
Our goal is to achieve the necessary transparency in the supply chain. To this end, the supplier shall name all subcontractors involved prior to the start of production and ensure that these also comply with the FALKE Code of Conduct and also grant access to production facilities.

c. Obligation to notify
Suppliers undertake to notify the FALKE Group immediately of any changes in the composition of the products and chemicals used, as well as any deviations from European chemicals legislation and deviations from this Code of Conduct.

8. Communication

a. Obligation to inform
Suppliers shall ensure that they have regulations in place that guarantee compliance with the FALKE Code of Conduct. To this end, they shall use this Code of Conduct for their employees, contractual partners and authorized third parties and communicate its validity.
Dated 06/2020