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The FALKE Men's Legwear collection stands for premium quality and the best craftsmanship and presents legwear in the most valuable wool in the world. FALKE set the highest standards of quality with the Luxury Line of the Men's Legwear collection. Only the best yarns, such as mercerised merino, silk and cashmere are used to create a wide palette of bold, intense colour shades. The material selection is accentuated by labelling that supports the statement of luxury. Legwear made of vicuña, the wool of rare Andes animals, is the highlight of the collection. FALKE is the first clothing manufacturer in the world to produce legwear from this high-quality wool. The fine quality of vicuña, as well as its warming properties are what make the yarn unique. FALKE is offering a small number of socks in a limited edition collection, priced at €860 per pair. The socks will be crafted personally for you upon request and shipped in an elegant wooden box.

The ""fibre of the gods"" is obtained from the Peruvian vicuña. Its fine, dense wool was valued as the rarest and most expensive in the world and was reserved for the highest nobility and the church, even in the time of the Incas. After the traditional shearing, the soft and incredibly fine wool hairs of the fleece are carefully freed from the coarser guard hairs and submitted to an elaborate hand-washing and drying process. The final step is to spin the velvety, wafer-thin yarns, which still retain their regal grace and elegance to this day.

Contact us to order your personal FALKE vicuña socks, tailored to your foot. Our Service Centre will be happy to assist you further. Tel.: 00800 22 033 022.