The ideal companion for your pregnancy

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FALKE 9 months has been specially developed for women's needs during pregnancy. The tights can be used from day one until your 9th month and contribute to a complete sense of well-being during your pregnancy. The tights, which grow along with you during your pregnancy, have a supportive effect and shape legs to keep them slender. The interwoven bands relieve the stomach and support the lower back. The extra-wide waistband and the incredibly soft material guarantee the highest wearing comfort.

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Triple Action

Tights which grow with you throughout your pregnancy.

Flexible growth function

Highly flexible waistband, designed to fit through all stages of pregnancy

Belly and back stabilizer

Built-in support for your belly and stabilisation of your lower back

Cosy waistband

Super soft high-tech yarn in the waistband for highest comfort without constriction

Support function

Built-in support for beautiful legs

Knitting technique

Even mesh structure for a beautiful finish

All-round well-being

in tights or leggings

Functional Basic 9 Months 20 TI Verpackung
Functional Basic 9 Months 80 LE Verpackung


20 denier tights | Item 40530

Comfortable, transparent pregnancy tights in 20 denier quality

64% polyamide | 36% elastane

Available in 5 basic colours


80 denier Leggings | Item 40533

Comfortable, opaque pregnancy leggings in 80 denier quality

86% polyamide | 14% elastane

Available in 2 basic colours

4-step fitting instructions

Anziehanleitung Schritt 1

Step 1

Take hold of the tights and pull them over your hand.

Anziehanleitung Schritt 2

Step 2

Using both hands, pull the leg section up over your heel to just under your knee. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for your other leg.

Anziehanleitung Schritt 3

Step 3

Pull them up both legs to your crotch in stages, ensuring they are wrinkle-free.

Anziehanleitung Schritt 4

Step 4

Roll the crotch and stomach sections up over your stomach and adjust them accordingly to make them comfortable to wear. Should you feel constricted or unwell, take the tights off.

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