No. 7 Finest Merino Gentlemen Socks

with Australian Merino wool

This golden fleece is a gift of nature from the Australian Merino sheep. The exquisite grade of wool, with its fine staple and smoothly scaled hairs, produces yarn so supple and soft that it literally caresses the skin. It is rich in texture and yet lightweight. Resilient as a blade of grass, it is pliant to the point of being elastic and reminds us that nature knows best when it comes to wearing comfort. Its ultrafine micron fibers offer perfect insulation and ventilation, making it the ideal year-round legwear. Ribbed knit styles in Finest Merino provide business socks with a touch of elegance.

  • Fine and elegant Australian merino wool
  • Temperature-regulating and breathable merino wool
  • Elegant look thanks to ribbed structure
  • Hand linked and shaped
  • FALKE Perfect Fit