RU4 Short Bulges Women Running Sneaker Socks

with extra-light padding

The modern “RU4 Short Bulges” with medium padding are our all-rounder socks and provide balanced protection with medium cushioning and good shoe contact. The padding also provides protection against bubbles by reducing pressure points. The fast transport of moisture, as well as the optimal fit ensure comfortable and stress-free jogging sessions. The contrasting design elements on the waistband are reminiscent of the insulation of space suits.

  • The design elements in a contrasting colour on the waistband are reminiscent of insulation of space suits
  • All-rounder running socks with medium padding for balanced protection and direct transfer of power
  • Medium cushioning and good shoe contact
  • Fast transport of moisture and re-drying due to three-layer fabric construction with cotton
  • Protection against blisters by reducing pressure points