Compression Products for Women & Men

Compression socks and stockings provide active stimulation and energy for the legs thanks to the anatomically determined application of pressure. Socks and stockings with compression functionality are the ideal accessory to combat extreme strain when sitting, standing and walking as well as for long journeys.
Compression socks promote blood circulation in the legs, especially for people who spend a lot of time standing or sitting. These socks use compression to help the veins return blood to the heart more quickly, thus combating venous insufficiency and boosting circulation.
Unpleasant swelling is also reduced with the help of support stockings. The risk of blood clotting disorders can be minimised.

For athletes, the supportive effect on the muscles is particularly important. Compression socks help to strengthen muscles and reduce muscle fatigue.
FALKE compression socks help reinvigorate and revitalise the legs, especially after a long day or intensive training.