Welcome to Women's Cashmere & Merino Week at FALKE - your source for refined elegance and unbeatable comfort. Immerse yourself in our exclusive collection of pure cashmere and merino wool, handmade for the modern man of the world.

Luxurious jumpers: Experience the ultimate in comfort with our high-quality cashmere and merino wool jumpers. Perfect for a stylish appearance in any situation.

Fine scarves and accessories: Add a luxurious touch to your look with our cashmere and merino wool scarves and accessories. The fine texture and versatile designs create stylish accents.

Cosy socks: Discover the pleasure of warm, soft socks made from pure cashmere and pure merino wool. Perfect for cold days and a touch of luxury on the go.

FALKE stands for the highest quality and craftsmanship. Our Women's cashmere & merino collection epitomises these values and offers timeless style that is supported by sustainable materials and production.

Take advantage of Women's Cashmere & Merino Week to explore special offers and indulge in timeless quality with FALKE cashmere and merino wool. Enjoy elegance and comfort in one.