Energizing Wool Men Knee-high Socks Health

for faster regeneration

Offering gradual compression for improved blood circulation and faster recovery, these Energizing Wool men’s socks are a must-have for every hiker. Thanks to their compressive effect, these socks prevent micro-tears in the muscle, while the merino wool mix ensures optimal thermal insulation. Thanks to their medium-strength cushioning and optimal fit, these Energizing Wool socks guarantee maximum comfort to keep you enjoying outdoor adventures for longer.

  • Delayed fatigue and faster regeneration due to gradual compression
  • Prevents building of micro cracks in the muscle thanks to compression
  • Merino wool mix provides high thermal insulation
  • Maximum wearing comfort for longer outdoor pleasure
  • Perfect temperature and moisture transport thanks to triple-layered structure
  • Optimal fit thanks to right and left cushioning, as well as toe box