FALKE base layers, designed to be the first layer of your winter hiking outfit keeping you comfortable, dry and warm. Our natural Merino wool Wool-Tech line with it’s high moisture absorbing, odour-resistant and breathable qualities make it perfect for all your winter activities. The durable and lightweight Polyamide blend of our Warm collection regulates temperature during your hikes in mild to cold conditions. 

Performance underwear

Seamless functional underwear for comfort during activity. Polyamide ensures that moisture is wicked away as it forms to stay dry and prevent chafing. The polyamide-elastane stretch material-mix guarantees an optimal fit and unrestricted movement. 

Natural Performance

Our Wool-Tech line with its' high moisture-absorbing and breathable qualities of Merino wool is perfect to keep you dry and comfortable during your hikes. Wool-Tech is suitable for cold to very cold conditions and our Wool-Tech-Light range is made for adventurers who run hot and can be used in mild to cold conditions. The odour-resistant properties of Merino wool are a great benefit when it comes to multi-day trekking. 

Comfort & Performance

While you are active or taking a break, FALKE Warm base-layers offer a perfect mix of comfort and performance, with durable and lightweight Polyamide blend to keep you warm and dry in mild to cold conditions.  

Below Zero

Stay comfortable in extreme cold or while camping in the snow. FALKE’s Maximum Warm and Wool Tech base layers provide ultimate comfort in extreme cold conditions. The double layered moisture and temperature regulating structure keeps you dry and warm during your winter hike.