Benjamin Braun



Triathlon // Outdoor // Fun


Personal story

Sports enthusiast and outdoor fanatic with a passion for triathlon. I love cooking and following a healthy lifestyle. Outside = freedom!

Mark Chase



British adventure(r) // Photographer// based in Chamonix, France


Personal story

British born photographer/athlete based in Chamonix, France with a soft spot for endurance challenges and high places.

Veronica Jin



Triathlete // Marathoner // Finance Professional


Personal story

I was an avid golfer growing up. I found a passion for running and triathlon after moving from California to London and getting involved in the London running
community. I've taken part in numerous triathlons and road races across the US and Europe and I am a three-time marathon finisher. Having taken a maternity break last year and now gradually returning to fitness, my aim is to inspire more women in their postpartum fitness journey and to be a role model for my daughter.

Birgit Kocher



Ultra-trail runner // Husky mum // Mountain lover


Personal story

I live in the centre of the Austrian Alps. My heart beats for three things: the mountains, my Husky, Lea, and mango juice Spritz.

Erlinde Scheps



Enthusiastic triathlete who loves outdoors 


Personal story

I live in the Netherlands and work as a content specialist at a law firm. I love running, cycling and swimming. Sport has become an important part of my life and I
enjoy exploring off-the-beaten track.

Florian Tausend



Outdoor // Triathlon // Coffee


Personal story

Being outdoors and connecting with nature is rooted deep within me. On the one hand I enjoy laid-back adventures, exploring my surroundings , but on the other hand I can also be very competitive and data-driven when it comes to more focused sports performance.

Jan Trojan



Sports enthusiast, specially outdoors


Personal story

During my high school and university years I was a track and field athlete. I then discovered the beauty of endurance sports by participating in my very first
marathon with friends. Fast forward a couple of years, I have now completed many marathons and Ironman triathlons.

Davinia Van de Velde



Eat // Love // Run - repeat


Personal story

From Belgium, Davina is a 26-year old with a passion for running. My life absolutely revolves around running, from my day job at Runners Lab to running in my spare time.

Eva van Ee



Happy // Competitive // Harry Potter fan 


Personal story

I started running track as a kid. I’ve since added cross country, trail running, survival runs and obstacle courses to my ever-growing list of sports. I’m up for any

Nils von Münster-Kistner



Multisports Athlete // Coffee lover // Physical Therapist 


Personal story

I started with endurance sports when I was 18 and fell in love with triathlon soon after leaving high school. After years of competing, I now follow a more healthfocused approach to training.

Savina Paül Santaluària



Trail and road runner from Barcelona


Personal story

I started running three years ago and believe it’s the best way to explore new places.

Manon Schutter



Ultra trail runner // Adventurer


Personal story

I am a runner and coffee lover, living in the Netherlands but loving the mountains. I am always on the lookout for my next great adventure. I am a product marketing consultant at FALKE Sport and professional actress and model.

Judith Havers



Ultra Runner // Adventurer // Outdoorlover


Personal story

I’ve been an outdoor enthusiast ever since my childhood. Although I enjoy all sports, my heart beats for running. Originally chasing PBs in road races between
10km and marathon distance, I caught the trail ultra bug a few years ago and I’m always up for new running challenges.

Xavier Nunes



Ultra Runner // Adventurer // Traveler


Personal story

I started my running career with cross-country and track & field when I was 11- years old. I quickly moved over to water polo and after a long break with
bodyboarding and snowboarding, I started doing triathlons. After two years and at the age of 38, I went into 10k and marathon running, completing my goal of sub-3 hours during Berlin marathon in 2017. After that, I started doing trail running and have since never stopped exploring the trails of Eastern Europe.

Jon Baguley



Trail running // Adventure 


Personal story

Originally from the UK, I’m currently living and working in Zurich, Switzerland. I started off as a road runner and triathlete, completing my first marathon back in
2008. I have since caught the trail running bug and have completed two 100 milers, including UTMB in 2021.

Jevi Majid



Runner championing diversity


Personal story

Running instructor, gym rat and single mother of two girls. Balances her time with a full-time job, marathon training and raising awareness about the mental and
physical benefits of movement.

Daniel Connolly



Outdoors Endurance Lover


Personal story

UK-based trail and road runner who aims to excel on the international stage all while enjoying the process. I fell in love with running quite late in life, but have not
looked backed since. I’m the happiest when running in beautiful places.

Juan Jose

Sports enthusiast // Trail runner // Adventurer


Personal story

I started running when I was a little kid. Since then, sports has been my biggest passion and it makes me feel happy. I don’t consider myself only a good athlete in terms of results of big races I’ve been lucky to participate in, but I also like to practice all kinds of sports as a form of freedom and motivation for myself. I like to share this passion with others who think the same.
My thrive for adventures and new challenges in the trail running field has given me the best moments in life and I hope to continue to live it to the fullest.

Andrea Kruse 

Trail & ultra runner // Mom 


Personal story

Running connected me to some of the most important people in my life and opened doors. I started my career in lab research and switched to digital marketing in the sports industry. My biggest goal is to stay fit & healthy & celebrating movement & being a role model for my two little girls. 

Nils Pennekamp


Running coach // Adventure seeker 


Personal story

I used to be a 800/1500m runner and now I'm coaching the national junior team in those events. I love sports in general, I love trying new things and I love nature. Combining those three are pure magic for me.

Lina El Kott

Outdoor lover


Personal story

Grew up and still live in the ski resort Åre in Sweden. Here I fell in love with trail-and mountain running.

Sanna El Kott

Mountain runner // Adventurer // Foodie 


Personal story

Living and enjoying life outdoors. And that led me to mountain running and my job as an elite athlete.

Jaimy-Gayle van de Wal



Tennisplayer, lifestyle coach and sports model. 


Personal story

Former professional tennisplayer, still playing international competitions, lifestyle coach and sports model. 

Tommie Runz




Black Sober Vegan Runner


Personal story

After choosing a sober life, I found veganism and running.  Sobriety, veganism and running are all individual journeys within themselves but work together in my quest for a meaningful and happy existence.

Kevin Lara




Runner and Ultrarunning Photographer


Personal story

Kevin Lara is a passionate runner and ultrarunning photographer based in Chico, California. His work focuses on ultra endurance athletes and world-renowned races. He is also a regular marathoner and trail runner, exploring mountains and rugged roads throughout the United States.