Washing and care instructions for your FALKE products

All FALKE products are designed with dedication and manufactured with the utmost precision to ensure maximum quality and sustainability. To ensure that the outstanding quality and durability of your FALKE products are maintained for a long time, please read the information in our FALKE CULT OF CARE and follow the simple instructions below.

Tipps for socks & knitwear

  1. Select your legwear in the correct size according to your clothing and shoe sizes.

  2. Regular manicures and pedicures can prevent snags and ladders.

  3. Exercise care when dressing. Please take note of the enclosed dressing instructions for our women's fine legwear products.

  4. Always follow the instructions on the care label.

  5. Sort your legwear by colour and wash together with similar colours.

  6. Place your legwear in a net laundry bag before putting in the washing machine. In this way, you will never lose a sock again.

  7. Use a mild liquid soap or special detergent for wool and silk.

  8. Wash on a wool or delicate cycle.

  9. Check you are using the correct temperature on your washing machine. Use lukewarm water for hand-washing.

  10. Lay garments flat to dry on a towel placed on a drying rack or hang them up.

  11. For specially equipped dryers: Lay garments flat on the linen rack and dry them using the wool cycle.

Pilling – A natural phenomenon and a sign of quality in natural fibres

We all know this unattractive fuzz that builds up on typical points of friction on knitted products. However, most people don't know that this pilling effect mainly occurs on knitwear made of high-quality wool. These small nubs usually occur after the first wear. In doing so, particularly fine, short fibres from the yarn loosen and attach themselves to the surface of the fabric. This effect is very strong at first but continuously decreases over time. Pilling nubs can be easily picked by hand from chunky knits, while we would recommend the use of a special pilling razor to remove nubs from fine knitwear.