Statement from the FALKE Group on the Ukraine Conflict

FALKE is monitoring the fighting in Ukraine with the deepest of concern. We condemn the military aggression against the sovereignty of Ukraine, and in particular against the civilian population, in the strongest possible terms.

Our deepest concern lies with the Ukrainian population, and we stand alongside those within the sphere of economics and politics who are endeavouring to find a peaceful solution to the conflict. We feel obligated to provide support and assistance insofar as is possible for us.

FALKE has already donated more than 20,000 products (underwear, clothing, and socks), as well as medicine and bandages. With the help of private organisations, these donations have been transported into Ukraine.

At the same time, we have examined and determined our room to manoeuvre - as a medium-sized and internationally active German fashion company - with regard to potential legal, political, and economic action.

Morality, liberality, respect and integrity are of the utmost priority to FALKE
with regard to the law, our customers, our employees, and also our business partners.

FALKE does not operate any company-owned subsidiaries in Russia. With regard to the supply to the Russian market, FALKE works with local distribution partners, who serve the Russian market with FALKE shops, operating independently, autonomous and at their own financial risk.

All FALKE shops (incl. all furnishings, rental agreements, and all staff employment contracts) belong to our Russian business partners.

However, FALKE is legally obliged to fulfil its existing supply obligations. Sanctions concerning our products, our business partners, or their owners, have not yet currently been enacted by the Federal Republic of Germany or the western community of states.

We are therefore legally bound to our existing obligations, with all legal and economic consequences for our company in the event of wilful non-fulfilment of these obligations. 

Our products are categorized as items that are intended for everyday use, and we do not anticipate that these will, in the near future, fall under any sanctions.

We very much regret this fact.

As a company, we have therefore decided to clearly demonstrate our rejection of the Russian military action against the sovereignty and the people of Ukraine, and until further notice will forego all profits from our business in Russia. We will donate these profits to aid organisations that are working to provide humanitarian aid to reduce the suffering of Ukraine.

FALKE will do the same with regard to Belarus.

FALKE has also decided, effective immediately, to make no further investment in developing the Russian market and is removing Russia from its list of strategic markets.

We hope for a quick resolution of the conflict, which we hereby clearly and unequivocally position ourselves against.

Franz-Peter Falke

Paul Falke

FALKE donated to the following organisations yet: