Be(e) a Hero – Let´s help wild bees together!

Bees are little helpers with a big impact, since they are the world´s most important plant pollinators. Agricultural pesticides that are harmful to bees, even proving fatal to them, are a serious threat to bee populations. FALKE cares very much about these little heroes, offering the FALKE family a stylish bee stick in its 2021 Spring/Summer collection – Save the Bees by FALKE. The sock is for women, men and children so that the whole family can play a part in helping bees. What makes the Save the Bees by FALKE campaign special is the fact that 20% from the proceeds of every pair sold is donated to the Green Forest Fund Organisation.
Amongst its other activities, The Green Forest Fund creates sustainable environments for bees. The organisation purchases land for this purpose, which is sown with seed appropriate for the region, assisted by farmers. Donations as small as 5€ can help to buy 1m2 of protected environment for bees and other insects such as bumblebees and butterflies. The sustainable eco-systems created in this way provide the animals with a rich variety of blossoming plants and a perfect environment for their reproduction.
FALKE Save the Bees Socks
  • 20% of the proceeds will be donated to the Green Forest Fund
  • High-quality Bee Stick
  • Skin-friendly cotton
  • For the whole family